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About ReversiLounge
ReversiLounge is an International Multiplayer Reversi gaming site, where you can play Reversi against people from all around the world, in the web browser on your desktop/laptop computer, or in your mobile Smartphone. To read more about Reversi game, click here.

Game Requirements
Version 8.0 of Flash Player (or later version) is required to play the game on your desktop / Android Smartphone, and support for HTML5 if you play on your webkit-enabled Smartphone (such as iPhone and iPad). You need to enable cookies in your browser, Flash cookies must also be enabled if you play on your desktop. You must also disable any active popup blocker, or the game window will not open, alternatively you may add this site to the "popup allowed" list. You need to make sure that port 8085 is open in your firewall for game server communication to work.

E-mail us at if you encounter problems when registering or playing.

Your account
You don't need an account to play, although you will enjoy the website more if you register. To play with a demo account, just press the login button in the lobby without changing the username/password textfields. It is free to register and play at the site.

Data Security
Your account information is encrypted when transmitted over the Internet, and it is stored in our database server which is protected by market leading firewall software and access control systems.

Game Play
You can read more about game play in the "about the game" section on the first page on the website.

To play at - click here!

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